Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Media Influence!

I've noticed my 2 year old daughter this past month that she loves to watch movies a lot. I was quiet worried since too much exposure to media especially if still a kid is not good for them. I was thinking that her world will just turn around about what she saw. So shocked that she even memorized different spiels of the advertisements at a very young age. Oh my! She loves to watch telerserye- namely Dyosa,Varga,Goin Bulilit, Iisa Pa Lamang and a lot more (LOL)!

Before I used to let her see her brainy babies and other educational CDs & DVDs every morning. But now she even loves to watch fiction movies , just imagine she still wakes late at night just to watch her fave shows. She will even shed a tears if we will not let her see. It was so alarming for me as a mother!

Last week I was so shocked as in again, why? she was watching the movie Terminator III from the beginning till end together with his dad. I was put into sleep while both of them enjoyed the movie. I can't imagine how young is my daughter to be addicted with movies like this. Seldom you can see a 2 year old kid who who can finish a whole movie (a science fiction) without being disturbed. Oh no! this is not good anymore! What should I do especially that I can't be with her all the time since I am a working mom?
Don't disturbed her she's watching a movie...