Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Little Bride (Part III)

My daughter was again the Little Bride of my brother-in-law last August 15, 2009.
Guess what? It's her third time to walk alone down the aisle without someone assisting her. Me and hubby were so happy to see her that she has already gained so much confidence and that made us to be proud parents. She is indeed a responsible cute little bride at her age of two!

Now, she is so excited for her next schedule as Little Bride "again" this coming November 2009.

Friday, August 14, 2009

They Love Football Game

When I heard the game football, what comes to mind is my friend who lives in NYC. She really loves watching it together with his hubby. Mind you they will not just watch it on live telecast but they wanted it to be with the players in the field.

I immediately called her up last night an informed her about this In-Season Pass for just $9.99 for the entire 2009 Season. I told her to just visit WaiverWire to sign up and get the following as part of the package namely:

• Real time football player alters via Email, Text and to their Waiver Wire profile page (fast, up to the minute)
• Player Injury Alerts
• Player News and Updates
• Expert fantasy football analysis for every alert telling them the impact on a fantasy team/league, potential replacements, etc.
• All filtered to a specific “player focus list” that the user creates so they aren’t overloaded with news they don’t need
• Alerts and fantasy football analysis is provided by both RotoWire and TSN Fantasy Player News (double coverage to ensure nothing is missed)
• They also have over 100 feeds from local beat writers if you want team specific news on your personalized profile page.

Well, she was so excited then to watch for this much awaited event of her favorite football team. If you too want to avail this pass feel free to visit WaiverWire dot com- the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings, projections, drafting software, news, stats, and analysis to help you win your fantasy league.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's been awhile that I have not made any updates on my daughter's
activity for this past months...
So I just want to share it with you her latest pics on how time flies so fast

that she will be turning three this coming October.

she's already a lil girl this time!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mommy Moments: Part of the Family

It's Friday once again and I am sharing you my daughter's favorites!
I mean she loves to spend most of her time with them especially with her Ate Lala...
Though sometimes they are like Tom and Jerry but at the end they will always
end up as
best buds.

Happy Mommy Moments to all!

mommy moments