Thursday, December 11, 2008

Proud Mom

Just yesterday, we attended a wedding from a very long time super friend (since elementary days till now). My daughter happened to be her little bride, while me and my husband as secondary sponsors. I was so hesitant to shoulder all the expenses for her gown since I was so doubtful if she would really walk down the aisle alone thinking that she was just 2 years & 2 months old. But still as an optimistic mom, I still looked for the design of her gown and even bought the materials needed as well as her cute little high-heeled shoes.

To my surprise, I was really amazed that she was able to make it. I did not even guide her as she walked down the aisle all alone. I just made a wave from the altar making a sign language to come in front and be with me. Thanks God, she responded. As a mom, I am so proud that at her very young age she was able to do it by herself. Too bad, the elder kids who happened to be the flower girls were the one being guided with their moms as they march going to the altar. *lol*

Early of next year, she will be then a little bride for the second time around. Am so excited for that time to come! Yahoooo……

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