Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mommy Moments: Special Day!

mommy moments

Thank God It's Friday! It's Mommy Moments once again...Yippee! Since I don't have pictures of my baby when she was dedicated (only video files), I guess birthdays would be considered also as a special day. The collage above was during her 1st and 2nd birthday. And I am so excited for her next special day on October, for sure she'll enjoy it more and have much fun!

Happy Mommy Moments!


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

nice take!

Beth said...

you love themed birthdays for Danielle no? :) my daughter would love the princesses theme too pero di ko pa afford e :)
btw, I like your daughter's name. Yan sana papangalan namin ke Sunday e. pero we changed our mind and instead gave her a Spanish and French translation of my name. :)

Twinkie said...

Well of course it is a special day! Lovely Danielle in her princess snow white costume.

pehpot said...

cute naman snow white :)

My special day is here :)

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jes said...

yey birthdays i love birthdays!!! =) mine is up here po visit mo ha =) thnks! -

Chris said...

she looks adorable as snow white! :)

JoyD said...

Wow ,, Cute theme for Girls Birthday... My lil princess would love to have like that..... Have a nice day and take a peek on mine

JonaBQ said...

i bet your girl love being a princess :D my entry's up too!

Genefaith said...

wow..she's the little snowhite...i miss MM..hectic sched. ko sa ngayon..and bago pa naOK PC namin..Have a nice weekend.