Friday, July 10, 2009

Momy Moments: Pouting Face

mommy moments

Happy Mommy Moments to all... Here's my entry:

My daughter really loves to pose and makes funny faces...


JesuLalaine said...

murag future artista gyd ni c Entet da! ;)

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Chris said...

wow, she can be an actress! :Ds

Den said...

Such a cute pouty face. :)

Sanay na sanay talaga ang mga bata sa pagpapacute. :]

Cookie said...

grabe man jud mo posing oi, murag dalaga. kuha siguro sa mommy, hehe..

Laine said...

mem, as in manang mana sa yo si cutie entet, addict sa posingan infront of a camera.:))

Genejosh said...

ay naku ang posing apsan man ta ani..super duper kacute oi...

Mine's here: Hyzyd's Pouting Face

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Anonymous said...

Ang daming kikay na posing ng anak mo dito mommy phebs hehehe. I like that one pouting face there, tinalo pa si judy ann santos sa katarayan ng posing, artistahin ang dating hehehehe