Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks to KUMON Philippines

Last Saturday, we were able to attend the Free Parenting and Education Seminar brought to us by Kumon Philippines held at SM Cagayan Cinema 4 with the theme: "Prepare Your Children for the Future, TODAY!" beautiful mommies of D.A. (before the seminar started)

the three great speakers and Ms Patty Laurel

Indeed, we have learned a lot out from that seminar (ill post my learning on a separate entry). Guess what? I would like to thank Ms. Kay for inviting me and allowing me to bring along with me my friends and to Ms. Pie for the freebies... Thank you so much!!!! (We felt like we are also VIPs at that time) lolz!
the freebies


Admin said...

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Beth said...

parang gusto ko nga magkumon ung kids ko, kasi mejo mbaba grades nila sa Math. Let me know pag okay ha?

Happy weekend, Phebie!

Karen said...

I enjoy your blog and pictures.

dhemz said...

woi, ka mga sexy sa mga inahan.....:)