Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fairy Hobmother Knows Best

Who says that only moms know what's best for their children? Actually Fairy hobmother does too! He also knows what's best for his co-bloggers, colleagues and the people that surrounds him. Thankful enough that he existed online and that his mission of spreading the love and joy to mankind is such a great blessing to all of us.

Fortunate enough that he landed on this site and spread his magical dusts. I never expected (whew!) that he asked me to choose among the joy that are coming along my way in the form of an Amazon Voucher or in Cash to be sent in my parpal account. Wow! What a blessing for us just in time for our needs. Thanks God for sending him to us.

Oh by the way, if your thinking to buy for an appliances online like Washing Machine and a Fridge Freezer then try to contact him by just leaving your comments down below because he can help you so. If you want to experienced the feeling of being loved by him then follow him on twitter as the Fairy Hobmother!

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