Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raising a Prayerful Kid

The moment I got pregnant, me and my hubby always see to it that we find both time together praying for our little angel's health, for my safe delivery and of course our thanksgiving to God for the precious gift he has given us.

Time goes on that we have her already, it is our main duty to teach our little toddler on how to pray. But before that, even at her very young age of 1, we already include her with us as we pray together as one family. It's so nice to see her that praying is a vital part in our family. Every time she wants to eat and sleep, she will nod her head and fold her hands and say thanksgiving to God and at the end she will say "Amen"! Sometimes if someone is sick in the house she will whisper her little prayers...

See? How rewarding, joyful and proud we are as parents to see her growing up having a great fear in the Lord.

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