Saturday, February 7, 2009

Featured in NYT!

Four years ago I remember when I went to see an optometrist because I always have a head ache every time I’m working with the computer. I thought it was just my sinusitis then but it was not, I was given a astigmatism glass. I’m planning to change it this time and I found out a Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!, just imagine how affordable it is! Would you believe on this, Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! You read it right; they were mentioned by Patient Money on his article Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank.

This is how it looks like my glasses before and even got the same color and frame size!


Aüdz said...

Hi you've been tagged! hehehe... Check out my blog Am I weird enough?. Thanks!

dhemz said...

uy ka cute sa imo bulilit...hehhehe! congrats girl...!
uy salamat sa imo intawon..gamay na gani akong kita karon kay barat na kaayo ang opps sa varies man Pheb...kay anytime man sila mag labas ug opps...depende sad sa PR lagi..ako waman ko ka PR PR tawon...hehhehe!

most likely..pag 9pm dire manghatag na sila ug opps..usahay sad every hour....depende lagi...hehhe..good luck!

dhemz said...

hello Mommy Phebs...hoist tuod about sa PPP...mao ba? Oo Phebs dapat pag na reserve nimo need to do it right away kay 6 hours lang man ang limit jud..d pareha sa socialspark nga 12 hours.....kung na reserved nimo tapos wala nimo nakita sa "reserve opps" lang nimo ang opp nga imo na reserve..usahay man jud d na sya mo appear sa "opportunity reserves"....pag naka question or YM me nalang para dali rako maka reply...hehhe.....:) YM: