Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Blog Makeover!

I am really thankful for my new friend Mommy Fe of Femikey Designs who's generous enough to share her talents in doing such. My cousin Shelo told me about her weekly giveaways in which she was the lucky winner for last week's blog makeover giveaways. I did not even expected that I will be able to get it since I was just the second to leave a comment on her post. Fortunately, the supposedly winner was not able to give her password and username immediately to Fe. So she gave me a chance to have it and voila!!! there I have it already. I was so excited for my new layout since it suited for my blog title and I really love it. Thanks much and God Bless!

I am sorry I haven't saved any snapshots for my old template...Take note guys this makeover is totally for FREE. So better visit her site now and who knows you will be the next winner for this weeks giveaways.

1 comment:

sweet_shelo said...

Yay!!!! Congrats Mem for winning this one!! I love the color!!