Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Considering Sydney for a Vacation!

For almost ten years of staying in Australia, it was the first time for my cousin’s family to have their one month vacation here in our country. They truly had a great experienced staying in this beautiful place of ours. They have visited different tourist spots from one place to another and of course they just met our relatives in person and happened to meet new friends along their way.

I remember the time that they were here I was really worried about their one month stay in one of the hotels in our province. It was so expensive! For a budget traveler like me, it would be so nice if they were able to book and have lower rates like the Accor Hotels City Super Sale is offering. Aside from that they also have their low air fares across the Asia Pacific region, allowing travelers to enjoy some of the world's most exciting cities at bargain rates.

How I wish I will win a voucher for a free 3 night stay at an Accor Hotel in Asia Pacific!! I guess the best thing would be to pray and ask God to bless us more financially so that we can be able to take advantage of savings of up to 60% when we will book on-line between June 23 – 29. Then we will be staying in this period between July 10 and September 30, 2009. This would be a great opportunity for us, God-willing!


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