Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Fun Activities

I am so blessed of having a family who practices close family ties or bondings. I can still remember when I was just a little kid that every time our class closes, we will get so excited for our upcoming family activities on our lists. One of which is, having some sort of get-togethers or some may call it as reunion every summer time. Even up to this very moment that I myself have my own family, still we continue what we have started as one family. This time, it is our children who will get so excited and feel the same feeling that we used to feel every time we have set some activities during special occasions with the whole family.

So nice having fun with your family right? I read about wherein Parents around the US can install the widget and be able to be up to date with upcoming events and activities in their area. The person who's widget gets the most views, wins $1000. Fun Family Events and Activities are happening all the time. Know where, when and what thanks to the widget. The ParentsConnect widget promotion runs from May 20, 2009 to midnight EDT on November 20, 2009. U.S. residents over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

If you are interested, just sign up for free and install your widget and who knows you might be one of those lucky winners.


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